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Furniture Wishes

Cebu, Philippines

Ms. Abigail Belo

Managing Director


Mobile:0919 228 2868

Phone:  (6332) 238-1358

Skype:  abitan820


Requirements for room Interior scene and individual renderings
Provide size L x W x H and the description of the  items to be rendered
Cad or hand drawn orthographic sketches.
Reference pictures
Photos  of color finish/swatches
Color and material for fabrics
Hardware styles and finish
Other important details not mentioned above.
Furniture wishes does not design furniture, it only renders your design

Pricing Scheme: Individual renderings
Minimum of $20.00  for a simple side chair no carvings, simple geometric curves. Cost does not include  blueprints, animations, and room scenes.

A 50% advancement payment  for the total cost is required, prior to commencement of work  once all the  details are all confirmed.  a time table will be set based on the regular working day Mon-Fri
Since most of the project details varies, Furniture wishes will only accept jobs capable of completions.

Payment  can be made thru paypal.  We will send you payment notice.