Furniture Wishes


Furniture Wishes is a rendering service firm specializing in furniture design for product presentation, blueprint and CAD  details..

Our highly talented team of professional 3D artist are well trained to create outstanding photo realistic images and animations from your ideas.


 Click on to play video of a Windsor chair rendering.


 It helps  your customer  visualize  the actual look and function of your designs. Showing the important details of the color  finishes , hardware, and  the scaling are never compromised.

Furniture Rendering

At Furniture Wishes, furniture designs are created from hand-drawn sketches, reference photos, and/or CAD files supplied by the client. See more  



Commercial Building2b.jpg Commercial Building2b.jpg
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Furniture Room  Scene

With interior  and/or exterior modeling we can generate endless number of perspectives that would best suit your needs. Accurate lighting, realistic shadows, and accessories are meticulously arranged to hi light  your design.


Cad fullscales and details

Once designs are approved, factories would always require bluprints created from cad to build the first prototype. Our experienced detailers are up-to-date in the latest construction standards and  adapts to  the  most efficient and cost-saving  method  in production.  . Or you may send us your own quality  standard details.

Proposed Commercial Building.pdf Proposed Commercial Building.pdf
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